Builder Division

A turnkey experience. Multiple builders, some among the top 50 in the nation, have taken advantage of our proprietary processes and systems, designed to help builders capture and close more sales opportunities.

In lockstep with you. As a direct lender, we offer fast, up-front credit approval with underwriting at the beginning of every loan to resolve questions early on. We can help you sell and close your homes. On time.

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    More than a plan. A long-term promise.

    We give builders our very best with tools and processes that are better by design.

    Approval Kiosks for On-Site Applications

    Our on-site app and creative giveaways drive customer traffic to your sales center.

    24-Hour Credit Approval

    To make you the hero with customers who are ready to move.

    Tagged Loans Identified as VIP

    Dedicated builder loan processing, appraisal panels and closing services.

    Weekly Reporting with Detailed Breakdowns

    Regular communication with details on each loan in the pipeline.

    Guaranteed Close on Time

    Our proprietary processes guarantee your loans close on time. Every time.

    We Offer

    • Reduced cancel rates
    • Increased capture rates
    • Reduced prospect to client ratios
    • Sales education and training support for your team
    • 5-day loan processing
    • Assistance programs for first-time homebuyers
    • Competitive Jumbo products
    • We refer you to homebuyers
    • Opportunities for co-branded marketing materials

    A dedicated builder’s team. Our educated, designated VIP Builder Team understands the new construction market, are veterans of the mortgage industry and appreciate the obstacles, coordination and timelines you face with each new home or condo you build.

    • Our executive leadership is focused on homebuilder growth and service.
    • Our VIP Builder Team is experienced in the complexities of new construction and dedicated to quicker turn times.
    • Our highly efficient team keeps the process moving forward.
    • We provide communication at every step.

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    Work with a team that shares your passion for building something to be proud of. Resource is dedicated to helping builders create new homes and neighborhoods that make our communities better. We are a trusted partner to builders, helping you sell homes through a wide range of products and programs.

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